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Approving an Auction

An auction awaiting Approval from ATG Support staff

When the auction has been created and the lots have been added you will want to approve the auction. Go to the auction details page and click on the green Approve button. If there is any missing information you will receive a message. If all the information has been entered the Auction will be approved and the auction listing will be available on the portal without a catalogue. Only the online support team are able to approve auctions.

Publishing an Auction

An auction waiting to be published

Once an auction has been approved and the catalogue is ready to be viewed on the Bidspotter website you need to publish the auction. Go to the Auction Details page and click on the green Publish button. If there are no errors the catalogue will be published to Bidspotter. You must have at least one lot in the auction catalogue for it to be published. Auctioneers are able to do this but the auction must be approved by ATG media first.

Viewing an Auction and Catalogue on the Portal

Published auctions showing in

After an auction has been published it will appear on the Bidspotter website. This can be viewed by going to or using the ‘View Catalogue’ link under the auction title in the toolbox. If the auction is today or tomorrow it should appear on the home page. If it is not, then click on the Auctions link in the main menu at the top of the page. Filter the list by selecting your company name (if you are support filter by the auctioneer name), and you should see all auctions for your company. The new auction you just published should be displayed here. Click on the View Catalogue button and you will see all the lots you added along with any images that were assigned to them.

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