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Media Manager For Assigning Images

To assign images to lots in one easy go you can use the Media Manager. The Media Manager can be found on the lots screen by clicking on the Media Manager button. This will load up a new window with the lots catalogue displayed on the right hand side.

Images can be dragged into the left hand panel and then from there can be dragged over a lot in the right panel to assign the image to the lot.

Automatically Assigning Images to Lots

Adding images to lots with the media manager

To automatically assign images to lots when dragging images into the Media Manager you will need to rename your images. Images need to be named to match the lot they want to be assigned to. For example if you wanted to assign an image automatically to lot 1 you would name it 1.jpg and then drag this into the left hand Media Manager panel, which would automatically assign this to lot 1. You would need to do this for all lots in the catalogue.

Automatically Adding Multiple Images to a Lot

If you wanted to automatically add multiple images to a lot you would need to name your images 1.jpg, 1-1.jpg, 1-2.jpg,etc.

Progress Bar

When images are dragged into the Media Manager you will see a progress bar in the bottom left corner of the window displaying how many lots have been imported and how many are to be imported in total. Once complete the user will see a message where the progress bar was.

Reviewing Assigned Images

To see all images that have been assigned to a lot, tick the "Show all assigned images" checkbox in the top left corner of the Media Manager window. Checking the Show filenames checkbox will display the filename under each image.

To add an image assigned from a lot to another lot you will need to check the Show All Assigned Images checkbox, and locate the image. Once it has been located drag it from the left panel to the desired lot on the right panel.

Reviewing Unassigned Images

If you dragged in an image that was not automatically assigned to an image it will appear in the panel provided that the "Show all assigned images" checkbox is unchecked.

Duplicate Filenames

If you drag extra images into the Media Manager that have duplicate filenames as existing images in the Media Manager, then whichever lots the original images were assigned to, the duplicates will be added as extra images to these lots.

Deleting Images

Images can be deleted from both a lot and the Media Manager. To delete from a lot, select the lot in the right panel, and click the red cross on the image(s) you want to delete. This will assign the image(s) from the lot but they will still be available within the Media Manager. To delete an image or images from the Media Manager, select the image(s) in the left panel and then click the trash can icon located in the bottom right corner of the left panel. This will remove images from the Media Manager so they will be removed from lots also.

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