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What is GAP

GAP stands for the Global Auction Platform, and is the new web based Toolbox released by ATG Media to aggregate all functions and toolboxes into one place. GAP can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection via a web browser, and requires no initial installation.

Over the previous solution, GAP has improvements with the technical architecture, resulting in an availability of 99.999% and the ability to support more auctions with more bidders running concurrently.

In addition GAP allows data to be shared across systems, secure user management, better views and analysis of registered bidders and new Online Deposits and Payments functionality.

GAP Components

Toolbox: The Toolbox is the foundation of GAP, and will be used by auctioneers to create new Auctions, add Lots and approve Bidders before an auction, and view reports, export data and perform Reconciliation after an auction. ATG support staff can perform all the above functions and view data for all auctioneers.

Portal: The portals will display all Auctions and their catalogues once they have been created and published. It is from here that Bidders can browse catalogues and bid on lots for Timed Auctions.

GAP Wiki Page Index

Toolbox Help Guides

We have designed a series of clear and informative user guides to help you through different areas of the toolbox. While full details can be found on the wiki, the guides are intended to focus on specific stages of the auction process and can be more easily circulated to relevant staff within your organisation. Please select the appropriate sector below for a list of user guides:

BidSpotter & i-bidder

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