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Live Application

Operator App: The Operator app is controlled by the online auction operator during an auction to provide live bidding online for the auction. The option to run audio and video is selected from here, to stream to internet users. The app can take bids from online bidders in addition to allowing the operator to enter any room bids. Increments and asking prices can be changed on the fly, and Lots can easily be sold as options, groups or piecemeal.

Bidder App: The Bidder app is used by internet bidders who are registered to the auction they are viewing or for guests who just want to watch the auction online. Bidders will be able to bid for lots, set autobids and alarms, and view the catalogue from within the app. In addition, users can receive video and sound from the auction if they choose to. Guests will also be able to receive video and sound, but are unable to bid, set autobids or set alarms.

Auctioneer Screen: The Auctioneer screen is used by the auctioneer during the auction in order to receive notifications of online bids and also indications if online bidders have their mouse hovering on the bid button on the Bidder app. This screen will also list online bidders who are bidding on the current lot.

Room Screen: The Room screen is for the bidders who are in the room that the auction is taking place in. It can display the current lot on offer or be used to cycle through lots as a slideshow. The room screen uses templates which can be created and saved by auctioneers, it allows auctioneers to customise the look to match the auctioneers branding and choose what content is displayed.

  • Launching Live Apps
  • Operator app
    • About the operator app
    • Running audio and visual
    • Viewing online bidders
    • Auction settings
    • Offering lots
    • Setting an asking price
    • Taking room bids
    • Late online bids
    • Bid indicator bar
    • Fair warning
    • Sold/Pass/Provisionally Sold
    • Undo
    • Changing asking price
    • Changing increments – including London bidding
    • Offering groups, options and piecemeal
    • Catalogue search
    • Announcements
    • Bidder search
    • Bidder details
    • 2 way messaging with bidders
    • Messaging with support
    • Pause/delay an auction
    • Closing an auction
  • Bidder app
    • About the Bidder app
  • Auctioneer screen
    • About the Auctioneer screen
    • Yellow bar to indicate bidder(s) hovering over bid button
    • Notification of internet bids
    • Sale price and bidder on previous lot
  • Room screen
    • About the Room screen
    • Creating templates
    • Saving multiple templates
    • Set to follow auction or play a looping slideshow
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