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Within the Toolbox, there are screens that offer multiple views of the data on that screen. These are the Bidders and Lots screens, and they let you look at specific data in each view. These can be changed using the top right drop down menu.


On the lots screen the following views are available:

  • Catalogue: This view shows all lots in the auction with catalogue information
  • Results: This view will show the current status of lots during an auction, such as the hammer price, winning bidder and whether they are selling or not selling. At the end of the auction this view will show the final status of all lots
  • Disputes and Edits: If any lots have been edited or cancelled these lots will be displayed on this view.


On the bidders screen the following views are available:

  • All: This displays all bidders with their registration status and other information regarding their registration for this auction
  • Winners: This view will display all winning online bidders once an auction has closed. It will display the total they spent and from here winners notifications can be previewed and sent out as emails.
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