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Customers and Bidders

There are two views of people, customers and bidders.


Customers are all persons that have registered for a sale. When scoped to an auctioneer or if logged in as an auctioneer this list will only contain bidders that have registered for one of the auctioneer’s auctions. For ATG support this view will show all bidders across all auctioneers including anyone that has registered for the site but has not registered for an auction.


Once scoped to an auction this list will show only persons that have registered for the auction that is in scope. From here you can perform actions that are related to that auction.

Viewing Registered Bidders For an Auction

Bidders Grid

After an auction appears on the website with the option for bidders to register to sign up to bid, you can view all registered bidders within the toolbox. Navigate to the appropriate auction using the scoping bar, and then click Bidders on the left menu. A list of all bidders who have registered for this auction will be displayed with their reference ID, name, email, telephone number, company name, country, approval status, whether they have passed AVS checks, whether their payment card has passed 3D secure, the date they registered and the number of registrations with this auctioneer.

If approvals were set to be automatic when the auction was created then all registered bidders will have a status of approved. If approvals were set to manual when the auction was created then all bidders will have a status of pending. To change a status from pending to approved/ declined or vice versa, click on the status and a pop up box will be displayed with the options to either approve or decline the bidder.

The AVS status is derived from matching the numerical sections of a bidder’s address to the numerical sections of the address where the payment card entered is registered to. If these match then you will see a tick next to the bidder in this column.

If a user has entered a card and successfully entered the 3D Secure password for that card, then a tick will be displayed next to the bidder in the 3D Secure column. If there is N/A displayed in this column then the payment card used did not go through 3D secure because their card provider does not provide this service, and therefore could neither pass nor fail.

Bidder Details Page

Bidder Details screen

If you click on a bidder’s name you will be taken to the details page for this bidder. On this page you will see:

  • The bidder’s address
  • The bidder's recent activity from the past 6 months, such as auctions they have registered for
  • Lots they have bid on
  • Notes made on this bidder by the auction house.
  • Notes on their blocked or banned status

If you are a support user you will be able to view all information on a bidder across all auctioneers.

Editing Bidder Details

Edit Bidder Details for Support Staff

Clicking the Edit button on the Bidder Details screen will invoke a pop up that shows the name, email, company, vat number and deposit required status of a bidder.

As an auctioneer, the only editable field here will be the Deposit Required status all other fields will be read only. As ATG support staff, all fields will be editable.

Sending Emails to Bidders

On this screen you can email bidders by clicking the Actions button and selecting Email. This will open up a new email in your email application such as Microsoft Outlook or any other suitable alternative you may have installed on the computer.

Declining, Blocking and Banning Bidders

Blocked bidder note on the Bidder Details screen

You can choose to Decline or Block a bidder from the Actions button.

  • Declining a bidder will set their status to Declined from either an Approved or Pending status for the auction.
  • Blocking a bidder will prevent them from registering for an auction with your auction house.
  • Banning a bidder is available to ATG support users, the Ban ability replaces the Block ability. Selecting this will suspend a bidder’s account and they would be unable to log into the website. They would need to call the support team to resolve any issues.

Banning and blocking bidders will automatically unapprove them from all auctions that they are already registered to. Please note that removing the block or ban will not automatically approve them again, this must be done manually for each auction they are registered to.

Whenever a bidder is blocked, unblocked, banned or unbanned a note of this is made on the Bidder Details screen. These can also be viewed on the Notes page for the bidder.


The Lots page under a bidder’s Details page will show a history of lots that the bidder has won or has placed bids on at auctions by your auction house. If you are a support user you will be able to view all lots that the bidder has won or placed bids on across all auctioneers.


As a support user all auctions the bidder has registered for is displayed
As an auctioneer only auctions that are hosted by the auctioneer are displayed

The Registrations page for a bidder will display all the auctions with your auction house that the bidder has registered for. If you are a support user you will be able to view all registrations across all auctioneers.

Deposits and Payments

The Deposits & Payments page will show any deposits that the user has left or any payments for lots they have won for auctions with your auction house. If you are a support user you will be able to view all deposits and payments made by this bidder across all auctions.

Payment Cards

The Payments Cards page will show all payment cards that a bidder has used to register with for auctions with your auction house. If you are a support user you will be able to view all payment cards that a bidder has registered with through the portals.


The Notes page will display any notes that have been created about this bidder from users in your auction house. By clicking on the New Note button you are able to add a new note for this bidder.

Please refer to this document for guidelines on leaving notes: Note Guidelines

The toolbox gives you the ability to share notes, allowing you and other auctioneers to pool your experiences of bidders. In the New Note window, select Yes where it asks 'Share you note with other auctioneers' and choose whether the comment will be a positive or negative one.

If you wish to add your own private note, select No where it asks 'Share your note with other auctioneers' and you will be able to write custom text. This note will only be visible to your auction house and ATG's support team.

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